Live Class Schedules

Updated: February 3, 2020

In response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) all live LRS classes are temporarily available online. Read below for more information about attending these classes. If you need to contact us the quickest way to get a response is through our “Live Chat” at the bottom of the website or through email. Most requests sent this way are responded to in less than 24-hours and often immediately. You can also call during our phone hours (702-732-0214), but expect longer than usual hold times based on the increased volume of calls.


Please visit to take your classes. On this site you can complete both your DUI class and Victim Impact Panel class Online.

8-hour Drug and Alcohol, Petit Larceny, and Anger Management (Impulse Control)

Please return to the the LRS Systems Home Page and click on the class name to complete the class online.

Domestic Violence / Weekly Drug and Alcohol

Click here for the online class schedule. Online classes will function just like live classes meaning you will check in with your name and birthdate and will attend a session with other class members just like you did in a live class. If you are having trouble with the online class, can’t attend at the scheduled times or have other questions click here to send us an email about your specific situation.

The courts are aware of the current situation and are working with us to make sure you can still get to class during this time while also giving us more leeway on granting excused absences when appropriate.